Link Building: Basics To Advanced in Under 350 Words

Link Building in 350 Words

What’s the secret sauce behind link building?

Rule #1: DON’T LISTEN to anyone that says it’s all about quality content. They’re full of baloney. The best content in the world doesn’t mean crap if people don’t see it. With no links, NO ONE will see it.

Rule #2: As Wu-Tang Clan said on the Dave Chappelle show “You gotta diversi-fy yo links, bitches” (actual quote changed to suit this article). You get the point. Diversify, diversify, diversify your link sources. This leads to the million dollar question: WHAT ARE THESE LINK SOURCES:

  1. Press Releases
  2. Article Submissions
  3. Blog Commenting
  4. Blog Reviews
  5. Blog Posts
  6. Forum Profiles
  7. High PR (in content or in the sidebar) links
  8. PDF directories
  9. Video links
  10. Social Media
  11. Social Bookmarking
  12. .EDU, .GOV and .ORG domain links
  13. Web 2.0′s
  14. Spam links (yes they serve their purpose but you gotta be careful!

If I left any out then please add in the comments below. Note: these are not tactics for getting links, but sources.

Rule #3: Build links to your links. Links to your main site aren’t enough. You need to build links back to those backlinks so that they count more. Once you get used to pumping out over 20,000 links/week you’ll know why this is the secret sauce in your strategy. First off… it stops your site getting sandboxed by Google. Secondly, it pumps up the Pagerank of all your inbound links. I forget the exact number (and no one short of Sergey Brin and Larry Page know for sure) but one PR4 link is equal to like 5,000 PR0 links.

Rule #4: Obtain your links in the correct order. Quality over quantity first. Once your domain has a high enough domain authority then you can drive thousands of links with no worry. For most of you in uncompetitive markets, all you’ll need is those high quality links to get on Page 1.

That’s it! That was 311 words.

For more great resources on linkbuilding you will want to check out the blogs below. These are leaders in the industry of Linkbuilding and if you have any questions about how to effectively get backlinks you will have to check them out.

The wordstream blog is about more than just linkbuilding. But its still got surprising data and news on linkbuilding.

Vertical measures blog has all sorts of goodies.

Another great link building resource.

Linkspiel is another link building blog with tons of great top strategies.

The Ontolo blog offers readers up to date information on link building tactics.

There are some specific people you can also look up and find their blogs, get their seo products that I highly recommend. They are: Daniel Tan, Terry Kyle and Jon Linbacher. All  very nice people to know on a personal basis too.


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