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Feeding the Panda: Maximum SEO w/Minimum Work In A Post Panda World

The panda update, also known as farmer, is Google’s latest algorithm update. It was originally known as farmer because it hit all content farms extremely hard, it even knocked down a lot of article directories that are careful to be the original source of content such as e-zine articles.

Then when it became known to the public that one of the main programmers at Google that worked on this algorithm updates nickname is panda, well that, took hold and so now it is called the panda update. It should also be known that there are multiple panda updates.  There is version 1 version 2 version 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3.


There’s no guarantee that we are done with panda updates, however Google does update their algorithm almost once a day. Most updates are not as large as the panda updates have been.

With panda Google has been able to take SEO and essentially upgrade the importance of the job of the SEO’er. It is now more of a complete web strategist. This is because absolutely every facet of a website will now have an impact on search engine rankings. Google is now looking heavily at usage metrics. This means that everything from your click through rate on the search engine’s to how long people spend on your site, what the bounce rate is, and even how much direct type traffic your site gets as a whole, how many branded searches your brand has in search engines count now.

The Google plus one button is Google’s attempt to get into social media, but just as they do with the chrome browser Google’s tools account for a disproportionate weight in its algorithm. So make sure you’ve got +1 buttons on your content – today it puts that much ahead of your competition.

Google has even come out publicly and said that even if your site has a lot of really high quality content if you have any bad content that they see as built just for search engines, and to take advantage of keywords, that that will turn your whole site down. They advise webmasters to take that content off, and or direct them away from this content. Obviously what they’re referring to there is disallowing those pages to be indexed in your robots.txt file, or even in your.HT access file.

Design and user experience is no longer in the background of the algorithm it is now having a primary impact on search engine rankings. This means you have to have good graphics, content that makes people stay on the site and share with their friends, and that your site has interesting blocks to read over and above just the content-so make sure that your navigation bar and any links on the on the sidebar draw the user to click through to them as much as possible.

So now when you’re creating content for your site, here are some pointers that you can take to make sure that you have content that is high-quality enough to get the usage metrics that you need to rank high in a post panda world. It goes without saying that content needs to be extremely well-written but it should also have some humor to it and a few jokes, adding in some history of whatever you’re writing about whether it is a printing business, a kitchen supply store or whatever adds to the richness of the text.  Also have 100% unique photos is not as important as everyone thinks it is, but having really really interesting pictures is much much more important.

Okay, I bet you’re thinking “why the hell doesn’t this guy take his own advice? – this post doesn’t have ANNNYY of this shit.” I’m talking about websites and pages you want to rank for real keywords. The only reason I have this blog is because (1) its fun and (2) it’s like a notebook I can reference to track what’s working.

The best thing you can do here is to weave in its extremely well-designed graphic, info graphic, illustration or anything visually appealing that appeals to your visitors is an great way to have fantastic images on every page.

So now let’s talk about how to maximize search engine rankings with minimum effort. The name of the game to search engine optimization whether you’re white hat, black hat or anything in between is to ultimately give the search engine’s exactly what they’re looking for. A lot of black hatters are going to disagree with that and this is mainly because they think it’s too much work.

Trust me, when done correctly this is much much less work. Okay, so links are still important. Without links, unless you have a extremely high authority blog already, you’re going to need about 10 to 15 high-quality links to a post if you want it if you want to get it to rank for any keyword that has over 150,000 searches a month according to Google keyword tool. So budget for that when taking the rest of my advice.

The majority of you thought now should go towards the content and user experience on the site. Become good at writing headlines, this is so you can keyword load your site titles and post titles and still get a high click through rate in the SERPs. If you have a sidebar with the most recent post or the most interesting posts than having these really intriguing headlines and titles are going to get higher click through rates all across your website.

Outsource to good, American writers that know about your industry, or are willing to learn and read/go through any resources that you can send them. Google is also rewarding active and recency on sites, so the more posts you can have this person writing about timely news in your niche the better. But if you only want to do two post a week that is plenty. Allocate some resources to a graphic designer, or some other artist to create, draw, or illustrate a picture about your specific post or content. Make sure that you have buttons on all of your content that connect automatically to people’s social media properties. There are also ways that you can manipulate the social media usage metrics however your doing everything else in this post well you have no need to do that.

Okay, summarize this is what you need to do: outsource extremely high quality content, outsource extremely high-quality graphic and/or picture, create extremely engaging post title with your keywords in it, obtain 10 to 15 extremely high-quality links.

The links will be enough to get your posts traffic from that keyword and as soon as your receiving traffic pay close attention to your analytics and improve all the usage metrics as much as possible. Make sure your content is being shared and tweeted in social media, and you’re done.

POSTED: 06.26.2011



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