Julian Farley : About Me

Professional Julian Farley

I began internet marketing in 2008 building websites for high-end private villas, and caribbean yacht charter companies. In 2009 I got a job with a direct-response online publishing company and within 1 year was promoted to their Director of Digital Traffic. This meant I was overseeing strategy and implementation of hundreds of campaigns for a diverse array of products in 7 different verticals. Over the 2 years working there we generated over $24 million in online sales.

In 2011 I founded Zaragoza Marketing which focuses on CPA (cost-per-acquisition) digital marketing campaigns.

Zaragoza Marketing (ZM) is one of the countries top digital direct-response media buying agencies specializing in general interest B2C products. The company now buys tens of millions of dollars per year in display advertising and has established itself as the go-to source for drastic increases in online product sales.

ZM’s unique business model ties compensation 100% to product sales and campaign profits. This provides partner companies with a zero risk opportunity to expand and grow it’s businesses dramatically.

Due to the nature of ZM’s business only one product company per vertical can be partnered with. The criteria for working with ZM is as follows:

1. Must be in a billion dollar B2C industry
2. Must have one of the highest converting online offers
3. Must have the cash-flow and inventory to handle $1 million in sales per month

Feel free to message Julian if your company meets this criteria and you are interested in partnering to grow your online sales.

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